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Nov 17, 2019

  • 24 Hour Battle at the Sanctum Experience
  • Thoughts on Retro Atomic Zombie Adventure
  • IFPA Rule Change
  • Top 5 Pinball Machines of the 1980’s
  • Interview with Ramyond Davidson
  • NEPL Finals
  • You Make The Call

Oct 31, 2019

  • Playing catch up sharing my Pinburgh experience
  • Pinball Expo in Chicago
  • 24 Hour Battle at the Sanctum
  • You Make The Call Top 5 pins of the 1970s

Jul 31, 2019

  • Pintastic New England where I made a fool out of myself then did shots with Steve Ritchie 
  • Octoberfest, Willy Wonka, Black Knight Sword of Rage, Thunderbirds, The Beatles 
  • Pin Maine-ia 13 
  • You Make The Call
  • Star Wars The Pin 
  • Jurassic Park 
  • ReplayFX and...

Jun 22, 2019

  • Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle Thoughts
  • My 12-year-old son has been bitten by the pinball bug
  • Top 5 Least Favorite Mods
  • Sharon Hebenstreit, Erin Seiden and Kristen Gregory organizers of the SilverBelle Brawl Women’s Tournament at Pintastic
  • Metroid Pinball
  • Dave Marston Event Coordinator of Pinstatic
  • $1 IFPA Fee For...

Mar 28, 2019

  • Black Knight Sword of Fury
  • Texas Pinball Festival and the TWIPYS
  • You Make The Call
  • Top 5 Pinball Sequels
  • Joe Lemire tries to change my mind and make me like Stern’s Star Wars
  • The most played pin by casual players at an arcade I visited
  • Email