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Sep 15, 2020


  • Catch up with what we’ve been doing for the past two months
  • Avengers Infinity Quest discussion 
  • What’s going on with Deep Root?
  • JJP Guns ‘n Roses soon?
  • Scorbit Official Launch
  • Pinball Expo going virtual
  • Top 5 Stern Pinballs of the Aughts (2000-2009)
  • Joe’s Pinburgh Playbook

Check out Chuck...

Jul 15, 2020

  • We chat with hosts of the Super Awesome Pinball Show Christopher Franchi and Christian Line
  • Joe’s update on games acquired and a rare Future Spa backglass
  • How much we miss Replay FX and Pinburgh

  • Franchi doesn’t like the saying “satisfying shot”

  • Top 5 Satifsfying Shots in Pinball
  • The Super Hard Pinball...

Jun 14, 2020

  • Stern Senior Game Developer Dwight Sullivan joins us to talk about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and just about every game he’s been involved with, and some he hasn’t.
  • Zach Sharpe on Nickelodeon’s Figure it Out
  • Steve Epstein Battling Cancer

  • Top 5 Dwight Sullivan Coded Games

  • Dwight and Joe geek out on...

May 25, 2020

  • Joe’s Pinball Buying Spree
  • Replay FX Canceled
  • PAPA World Championships Coming Back
  • Raymond Davidson to Stern Pinball
  • TARGET_GAME_TIME Adjustment 
  • Stew McVicker
  • Top 5 Upper Playfields
  • Joe’s Pinburgh Playbook

Feb 3, 2020

  • Jeff’s Pinball Dream
  • The Pinball Network
  • Beatles Most Expensive License Ever
  • Is a Harry Potter Pin Possible?
  • Back to the Future Pinball?
  • Karl DeAngleo’s “The Warden” Flipper Skill
  • Top 5 games of the 2010’s